Stress Management

Stress is not what is done to us.  Rather, it is what happens within us in response to it.  Recurring feelings of anxiety, worry, anger, uncertainty and self doubt can consume a huge part of our energy and dull our day to day experiences causing us to see life from a cloudy unclear perspective.  Emotions are much more powerful than our thoughts in activating physiological changes and developing resilience in response to stress is the key.

Stress is a part of life.  Our goal should not simply be to get rid of or avoid stress, for in so doing, you are creating more stress.  Rather, our directive is to understand its role in our lives, how it affects us, physiologically, emotionally and spiritually.  At that juncture, we can then learn to adapt to the changes in life which are inevitable and indirectly reduce its negative effects.

There are volumes of research available to support and show the deleterious effects of unmanaged stress on our bodies.  The connection between optimal functioning  of our immune system, which is the front guard against disease can be damaged just by our negative thinking alone.  It is imperative that we acknowledge the fact of this connection and learn to understand how and why our mind and brain function as they do.  We must learn to turn down the volume of incessant chatter of our thoughts.  Here at YoungBlood International Health (YBIHealth), we incorporate many different modalities to teach you how to do just that.  It is fundamental to any and all health goals you may have.

How We Balance​

Initially you will be given a stress assessment evaluation along with your health history.  Stressors will be identified and an individualized plan will be created and tailored specific to your needs.

  • Meditation
  • Heart Math Instruction
  • Mental and Emotional Self -regulation

These simple techniques teach you to quickly self-induce a physiological shift to a more coherent state between heart and brain which has been proven to improve your ability to more successfully handle the demands and challenges of life with more equanimity.  This shift actually changes the brain structure and function toward clarity and longevity.