Bredesen ReCode

The Bredesen ReCode Protocol is a comprehensive personalized program designed to reverse the cognitive decline of Alzheimers and related disorders, and prevent cognitive decline in those at risk. It brings together the best of both Western and traditional Eastern approaches to medical treatment.

Dr. Dale Bredesen speaking in Manhattan Beach October 2020

Every 65 seconds a new brain develops Alzheimer’s and 2/3 of these brains belong to women.  Women make up 2/3 of all the care givers for those having Alzheimer’s, so for women it is critical that they be checked early because they are at the epicenter of the fire.  We do not yet know why women appear to be so targeted, but the research to discover the answer is ongoing.  Dr. Youngblood has made it her mission to sound the alarm and make women aware of the risk and educate them on the research and available treatment. Above all, how to prevent this dreaded disease.

The Bredesen Protocol begins with a thorough neurological evaluation called a Cognoscopy.  It is a series of screening test to assess the risk of Alzheimer’s development and identify the factors contributing to an individual’s cognitive decline and correct those abnormalities.  Blood, genetic, mental status exams and MRI’s are used to detect cognitive decline in its earliest stages, to determine potential causes and prevent its progression.

After decades of research, Dr. Bredesen concluded that there are 32 identifiable causes or “holes in the roof” of Alzheimer’s that need to be addressed holistically in order to provide successful treatment and prevention.  Early detection of cognitive decline leads to  better prognosis.

Patients have 2 options when coming to Youngblood International.  They can have the initial labs which are  included in the ReCode Report at

completed first and have Dr.Youngblood consult and support  you in the Bredesen Protocol or begin with Youngblood International enrolling in the Better Brain Basics or the Better Brain/Bredesen ReCode.  All depends on your initial evaluation where your cognitive status would be assessed and a plan created to best meet your needs.

The development of Alzheimer’s can begin as early as 20 years or more  before noticeable symptoms arise, allowing for a substantial window of time for intervention and prevention.  We recommend anyone 45 years or older, especially those with a close relative with cognitive issues or if you feel you have a great memory and you want to keep it that way.

So do not delay if you have any concerns or worries about your memory or brain health. Schedule your Discovery Call today.

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