MIND  “Go into yourself and see how deep the place is from which your life flows.” Ranier Maria Rilke

Your brain is not your mind.  It is a physical representation of your mind.  Your mind is the master programmer inputting your belief information from your consciousness into your brain creating your inner and outer world.  When you begin to understand this, you will realize that taking responsibility for your mind can make the difference between living a fruitful, fulfilling life in optimal health or cursing each day and believing that you were dealt a raw deal in life and the world and everyone in it is against you.  Getting to know the real you via mindfulness techniques is invaluable.    Brain research has proven that the brain is transformed by meditation, in fact, newer evidence suggests that genetic output is improved with meditation by altering our gene expression.  Mindfulness based treatments are effective for anxiety, depression, pain, addiction, it boosts the immune system function, lowers blood pressure and improves your ability to concentrate.  Last but not least, practicing meditation is a powerful tool to slow and reverse the aging process.