Valerie L. Youngblood MD, ABIHM

Integrative Functional Medicine

Longevity-How to Live to 100!

HAPPINESS OPTIMISM According to latest research, these 2 attributes have the most impact in increasing longevity. How can you create and optimize these 2 attributes? • Meditation - daily • Creative Visualization - causes physical changes in the body • Intention...

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Body on Fire!

THE COMMON DENOMINATOR OF CHRONIC DISEASE Inflammation is the body’s natural way of dealing with an injury, physical or mental.  Normally when the injury is corrected and healing process begins, the inflammation cascade is turned off and metabolic parameters are...

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Bulletproof your Brain

Dementia is devastating.  It steals a person’s sense of self and slowly prevents the mind from communicating intelligently with the brain.  Families are left in a state of fear, frustration, anger and profound hopelessness because as of this time, there is no cure. ...

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